The tendering process for utilities requires a comprehensive understanding of utility markets and your risk strategy. Do you want a flexible deal, or a fixed, 100% locked in contract? We will help with that decision process, explaining the benefits and potential pitfalls

For the majority of organisations, in particular SME’s, fixed price contracts are the most suitable. However, when to tender and contract duration is best determined by us using market information based upon daily reviews of independent wholesale market pricing and that gained from our suppliers and the technical media .

Easily compare business energy tariffs

Our energy procurement service offers an easy and hassle-free way to compare business energy prices from a range of gas and electricity suppliers. If your business needs a new gas or electricity contract or your current contract is coming up for renewal, give us a call for an informal chat about how we can help and free, no obligation procurement advice.

Our energy procurement work includes:

  • Validation of your recent bills against your actual energy consumption
  • Thorough evaluation of non-commodity charges and government taxes
  • Provision and enforcement of termination notices
  • Identification of common group contract end-dates to improve economies of scale
  • Daily monitoring of utility markets to ensure effective contract timing and contract duration
  • Standardisation of competing offers
  • Client specific environmental requirements
Our Fixed Price Energy Tariffs protect your business from unexpected energy price increases, and guarantees you a low fixed rate for the full term of the energy supply contract.
Our Flexible Energy Contracts allow our clients to reduce energy costs by taking advantage of changing market conditions, spreading energy procurement decisions throughout the contract term
Basket tariffs enable our clients to align their contract end dates for multi-site operations, allowing them to benefit from economies of scale when tendering their supply


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