We are able to arrange meter installations and energy supply contracts for new business premises, or companies moving in to premises that require a change to supply. We help a diverse range of businesses, from large manufacturers who require an effortless, cost-effective process, to major retail businesses looking for on-site advice.

Whilst many suppliers support new connection and other installation and removal activity each will have different policies and protocols to follow.As a result the process can be time-consuming and frustrating, not least when works involve interaction with the public highways. If your business needs a new connection then you need to be prepared to not just rely on your existing supplier to deliver but to assess the market to match to your specific needs.

Speedy installations and contract start dates

As part of our commitment to your business for a seamless energy connection and supply experience we have negotiated with suppliers to enable new connections or shipperless gas sites to be able to enter a new energy contract with their chosen energy supplier within 7 days

This ensures a seamless transition from installation to supply enabling your business to take the opportunity of the best prices available with no short term, premium priced contract fuss with which to contend


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